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Cialis (tadalafil)


Eli Lilly is not the only pharmaceutical producer of medications with active ingredient Tadalafil. Largest manufacturers of generic drugs produce tablets, capsules, soft tabs and oral jelly that all contain the active pharmaceutical ingredient Tadalafil.


Pharmacological analogues (generic drugs) of Cialis are available at drugstores under the trade marks: Black Cialis, Cialis Professional, Cialis Jelly, Female Cialis, Cialis Super Active, etc.

In many countries Eli Lilly have exclusive trade license to sell Tadalafil pills under the trade name Cialis. Therefore competition between manufacturers of cheap generic Cialis affects the price of the drug.


Like any madicine, it is very important to consult your health care provider before you commence using the it. It is of great benefit to know whether you have other complication such as allergy problems to some type of foods, medicine, preservative or cialis itself.


Cialis is taken by mouth and can be taken with or without meals. It work up to 36 hours. You are required to take it before the actual sex activity. You should only take it once a day and should not be taken more than prescribed.


How to buy Cialis


If you want to buy cialis pills cheaper, but it is very expensive at local drugstores, you can order delivery of cheap generic Cialis pills on any of trusted online pharmacies. When buying generic Cialis online you often can get a discount. This will compensate your postal expenses.


You can buy generic Cialis online and get a discount if you buy a large package of Cialis pills or when placing your second and following offers. Online pharmacies also offer free shipping for large orders and bonus pills, some of them have an overnight delivery option as well.


Cialis without a prescription


Many Pharmacies are working with leading licensed manufacturers of generic medicines, offering effective medications that are equal to brand medicines. Cialis is prescription medication, so you must complete a consultation form before you can buy Cialis online.


But you can find the pharmacy that is located in a country that does not require a doctor's prescription for Cialis, and they can sell you tadalafil without a prescription. Check prices on any website offering this medication against of competitors and you will find best offer.


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